MEES 698I Land Margin Interactions

CREDITS: 4 graduate credits

DESCRIPTION: Overview course on physical, chemical and biological interactions in coastal zone for incoming graduate students. The course emphasizes water flows, biogeochemistry, biological productivity, and anthropogenic effects and covers interactions between the atmosphere, watersheds, streams and estuaries.

REQUIREMENTS: 4 hours of lecture per week, term paper, 3 field trips, and mid-term and final exams. For registered students, important information can be found on the Moodle website

TIMES OFFERED: Fall Semester

MEES 608 Ecology Seminar

CREDITS: 1 graduate credit

DESCRIPTION: Discussion based course focusing on classical and contemporary issues in ecological studies. Involves literature readings and review, with a focus on class participation.

REQUIREMENTS: 1 Discussion hour per week based on literature readings.

TIMES OFFERED: Spring Semester

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