Student's in the Gonzo lab matriculate through the University of Maryland at College Park, as part of the Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Program (MEES), but perform the majority of their research at the Chesapeake Biological Lab (CBL). Information about prerequisities, application requirements, and the MEES Graduate Program can be found at General information on the graduate school at the University of Maryland and applications can be found at

As a graduate program, teaching assistants are not widespread and students are typically supported as graduate research assistants through research grants. Students with exceptional records may be supported by CBL or university wide fellowships. For undergraduate students, opportunities through the Maryland Sea Grant REU program and as summer interns supported through research grants.

Whatever the funding support, students have a range of opportunities and much flexibility in formulating research topics and designing their course curricula. Current student's positions supported by the National Science Foundation, Maryland Sea Grant and NOAA are available.